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Japanese Paper-making Kit|Awagami Factory

Japanese Paper-making Kit|Awagami Factory

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Create your own postcard-sized papers with this Japanese 'washi' starter kit. Washi, traditional Japanese paper made using traditional methods, is versatile and used for various purposes, including calligraphy, origami, and crafts. This papermaking kit includes a ‘Keta’ paper-making frame, a bamboo ‘Su’ mat, compressed kozo pulp, and printed instructions. These kits are ideal for individuals seeking to experience traditional Japanese crafts either in the comfort of their own home or at local events.

Size: W 24cm x L 22cm x H 8cm

The production of Washi paper

The Awagami Factory in Tokushima prefecture produces Awa washi (paper) with a 1,300-year history. Awa washi, made from kozo (paper mulberry), is known for its handmade quality, providing strength, tear-resistance, and a soft, gentle touch. During the Edo period (1603-1868), indigo-dyed Awa washi became popular across Japan, remaining a specialty of Tokushima. While Awa washi declined in many regions after World War II due to the introduction of western paper, Awagami Factory, established in 1950, has championed the appeal of this traditional craft both domestically and internationally. Today, the company has diversified the applications of Awa washi to adapt to changing trends, earning recognition from the art industry.

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