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Simply Native Japan

Japanese Antiques By Issen

Japanese Antiques By Issen

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One of a kind Japanese Antique Selection from Issen, Aizu in Kitakata city, Fukushima
Simply Native Japan's owner Yukino is a big fan of Japanese antiques and also wanted to support his 1-year old business, so we asked Kohei if he is interested in sharing his treasures with our Australian audience - and he says yes!

Washi Daruma Doll - W: about 12cm L: about 10cm H: about 26cm
Yukiya Kokeshi Doll - H: about 22cm
Flower Sake Glass Cups - Diameter: (Top) 5.3cm , (Bottom) 4cm / H 6.5cm
Sapporo Beer Glass - Diameter: 6cm (If you get 6 glasses, you will get a vintage box too.)

Antique shop - Issen
Kohei Saito started the antique shop: Issen Aizu '会津' in Kitakata city '喜多方', Fukushima '福島' last year. Kitakata '喜多方' is in the Northen japan, and is historically known as the town of Kura '蔵' warehouse, where local people store everyday items in their household warehouse to survive their long winter. However, with a recent young population outflow, family treasures that have been kept for generations get abandoned. Kohei goes to these households to collect these treasures to find new homes.

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