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Iron Kettle

Iron Kettle

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Crafted by artisans in Iwate, Japan, Roji iron kettles are meticulously made in alignment with the time-honored traditions of Nambu iron, seeking a ‘beauty of use’ that seamlessly integrates with modern life. Iron castings possess unique characteristics unparalleled by other materials. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend these distinctive attributes when using our products.

Why does using an Iron Kettle make water tastier?

This iron kettle (tetsubin) is crafted using a unique technique known as ‘kama-yaki.’ This involves subjecting the iron kettle to carbonization and baking it in the finishing process, creating an oxide film on the surface, commonly known as ‘black rust’ Fe3O4. This film serves to prevent typical rust, known as ‘red rust,’ and gilding.

The concept of ‘good tasting water’ originates from this film, a substance known as ‘hot water stain’ or ‘Yu-aka.’ ‘Yu-aka’ or ‘hot water stains’ are various components in the water that turn white and adhere to the inside of the iron kettle as it is used, often including small amounts of iron. With each use of the kettle, layers of ‘yu-aka’ build upon the ‘black rust.’ These layers contribute to making the water tastier than when boiling water in a usual kettle. This is why there is often an instruction to refrain from washing or touching the inside of an iron kettle to avoid damaging the oxide film and the layer of ‘hot water stain.’

The initial handling of an iron kettle is crucial. The first step is to avoid damaging the inner metal film and to build ‘hot water stains’ as soon as possible. The ‘hot water stain’ usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks to develop a certain thickness. Consider this period as a ‘warming-up period.’

During the conditioning period, it is recommended to use the kettle every day. The ‘Yu-aka’ layer typically starts thickening around 10 days to two weeks. This period is referred to as the conditioning period, similar to the seasoning of a cast-iron pan but for a kettle.

This kettle comes with a precise description and handling care briefing.

Size: 0.6L
Height (incl. handle): 150mm
Width (excl. sput): 140mm
Depth: 140mm
Material: Iron
Safe for direct fire and induction heating (IH).


  • This product is an iron kettle. Please note that this is not an iron teapot.
  • Please refrain from reheating anything other than water.
  • The handle gets hot to some extent when the water is boiled, so it is safer to hold it with a cloth, hand towel, or mittens.
  • Be careful not to hold the lid with bare hands when pouring hot water, as it will be hot.
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