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Imabari Animal Toy Towel | Crescendo

Imabari Animal Toy Towel | Crescendo

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Imabari Towel stands out as one of Japan's most renowned, beloved, and superior-quality towel brands. These towels are not just functional; they are designed to be versatile, doubling as adorable stuffed animals when wrapped up or playful companions when unfolded to reveal their ears and limbs.

Crafted with the intention of providing children with both amusement and a soft, gentle touch against their skin, these towels are an ideal gift choice for the little ones in your life.

Material: 100% Cotton
Full towel size: L 35cm x W 34 cm
Animal packed size: L 18cm x W 12cm x H 2.5 cm

Crescendo 'クレシェンド' was established by a collective of housewives residing in Imabari, renowned for its towel manufacturing. Driven by creativity, they strive to craft practical items born from the notion of 'I wish this existed,' all while prioritising sustainability and environmental stewardship to ensure a positive legacy for future generations.

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