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Ichirin vase | Yamaheigama

Ichirin vase | Yamaheigama

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The size fits in the palm of your hand, making it light, easy to carry and space-saving.
It adds a little healing to your everyday scenery, such as on your desk or by the window.

Bellflower '桔梗'
This miniature single-flower vase has a plump droplet shape like a bellflower bud and is unevenly shaped like a petal.

Size: ∮60 x h70 mm

Chamfering '面取'
The solid border between the faces and the polyhedron gives it a more three-dimensional appearance than a normal sphere.

Size: ∮62 x h67 mm

Icchin 一珍
This miniature single-flower vase is decorated in the conical shape using the Icchin technique, which represents raised lines.

Size: ∮76 x h60 mm

Three-way split '三方割'
This miniature single-flower vase has a shape that is split into three when viewed from directly above.

Size: ∮76 x h60 mm

Yamaheigama 'やま平釜'
Yamaheigama is pottery of Arita porcelain, located in Saga Prefecture in Japan.
Devoting a great deal of time and effort, and with careful craftsmanship, we make products that bring surprise and impression.
The Egg Shell series, produced by our unique technique using special clay with high translucency, consists of porcelains that are as thin as an eggshell and with distinctive whiteness. The series is one attention-grabbing masterpiece.
Yamaheigama takes advantage of the proven techniques and abundant experience that we have accumulated through being pottery of Arita porcelain.
Aiming for further progress while following the tradition, we devote ourselves to pursuing our craftsmanship every day.

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