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Ice Pail | Momentum Factory Orii

Ice Pail | Momentum Factory Orii

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The 'tone' series of copper tools seamlessly integrate into everyday life, gaining texture with each use, akin to the aging process of denim. The copper ice pail boasts excellent thermal conductivity. It is also suitable for use as a flower vase or plant pot cover.

Size: D 20.5cm x H 17cm
Weight: 720g
Material: Copper

Momentum Factory Orii is a metal colouring expert, using the traditional technique of Takaoka copperware (You may be familiar from a giant copper Buddha statue) to oxidise the surface of copper and brass into beautiful vibrant colours. Since their establishment in 1950, their company has maintained a tradition of crafting works using traditional Takaoka copperware techniques in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Their pieces, which seamlessly blend nostalgic with modernity, evoking the timeless beauty of Japanese 'wabi-sabi' aesthetic.

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