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【Pre-order! 7th to 21st June】 Soba-ita, Buckwheat Cracker Box | Honke-Owariya

【Pre-order! 7th to 21st June】 Soba-ita, Buckwheat Cracker Box | Honke-Owariya

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【Pre-order is now open for Soba-ita crackers from 7th to 21st June!】

Thank you for waiting, Soba-ita cracker lovers.
You can purchase these authentic Japanese Soba-ita crackers only through pre-order. Don’t miss this opportunity!

*Please make your payment via online shop.
When doing so, please choose either pick-up or shipping. 

*Estimated delivery time is 2-3 weeks after the pre-order period ends.

Enjoy your moment with a soba-treat which is freshly made, and a cup of coffee or tea with a friend or meditate on your own. Soba confectionery is a crystal melange of water, wind, and soil.

Soba treats can be enjoyed with various kinds of teas and coffee. Owariya's soba-sweets are wonderful treats for modest or satisfying moments.

Soba-ita Cracker (black sesame) - そば板

Soba-ita is a confectionery unique to Owariya. This fragrant sweet is made by first kneading the dough thinly as if making soba, then cutting it into small strips, and finally crisply baking them in ichimonji-gama (iron pot used during tea ceremony). It brings out the aromas exclusive to buckwheat flour without being overly sweet. There are four varieties: the original flavor, sprinkled with black sesame with the rich taste of soba;

The box includes:
18 / 52 packs x Soba-ita Crackers(Black Sesame), 1 pack has 3 crackers.

Artisan - Honke Owariya

It was founded as a confectionery shop in Kyoto by Owari. The business began as a buckwheat noodle shop in the middle of the Edo period. In this period, a Zen monk from China introduced the technique of cutting buckwheat noodles, and temples began to make buckwheat noodles.

The curtain of the confectionery shop and the buckwheat noodle shop has lasted for 16 generations. They are committed to making products with the care and attention that goes with the history of Kyoto.

Ingredients - 

Soba-ita Cracker (black sesame) -

Wheat flour (made in Japan), sugar, eggs, buckwheat flour (made in Japan), sesame seeds, salt.


Wheat, egg, buckwheat, sesame (Products containing milk ingredients, soybeans, and peanuts are manufactured in this factory.)

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