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Hinoki Beer Washbowl Set | Hoshino Kogyo

Hinoki Beer Washbowl Set | Hoshino Kogyo

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Enjoy your Onsen experience at home!

Did you know that Japanese people love to drink beer while relaxing in an Onsen hot spring? With our Hinoki Beer Washbowl Set, you can recreate this unique experience in your own home. The washbowl is designed to float on the surface of the water, allowing you to place your favourite beer and snacks on it while you enjoy some quality relaxation time.

Crafted from Hinoki cypress wood, this beer set releases a beautiful aroma when placed in hot water, enhancing your bathing experience. Just as many bathtubs in Japan are made from Hinoki cypress, this set will make you feel as though you are truly soaking in a Japanese Onsen.

Bring the essence of Japan's bath culture to your home with the Hinoki Beer Washbowl Set!

Size: D 21cm x H 10cm
Weight: 800g
Material: HInoki cypress wood
Contants: Washbowl, base, Hinoki beer glass, Hinoki snack plate

Hoshino Kogyo '星野工業株式会社' is constantly engaged in research and development to meet the diversifying needs of the times based on our time-honoured traditions and technologies and our 72-year track record in business.

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