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Higashi Wasanbon | Tsubone-ya

Higashi Wasanbon | Tsubone-ya

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Higashi are traditional Japanese sweets made from wasanbon sugar, molded into intricate shapes and designs. These delicate treats often feature seasonal motifs and are enjoyed as a symbol of celebration and hospitality. With their exquisite appearance and subtle sweetness, higashi are perfect for special occasions or as elegant gifts.
Wasanbon '和三盆' is a traditional Japanese sugar that has been produced since the Edo period. It is known as a high-grade sugar indispensable for making Japanese sweets.

4 Flowers '四花'
Each Australian Native Flower represents Seasons

Spring - Flannel Flower (White)
Summer - Lillipilli (Pink)
Autumn - Banksia (Yellow)
Winter - Gymea Lily (Red)

Includes variety of shapes that represents seasons

Contains: Sugar, Starch, Food Colour
Net weight: 140g

Tsuboneya '局屋' started from a family of samurai who served the Imperial Court for many generations, they trained for 18 years in the art of sweet making before opening their own confectionery shop. This higashi wasanbon has been carefully crafted by them.

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