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Flower Vase (Diamond shape) | Kumagai '熊谷聡商店'

Flower Vase (Diamond shape) | Kumagai '熊谷聡商店'

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Hana-kessho are crystal flower patterns created by the chemical reaction of glazing.
The Zinc Oxide contained in this special glaze creates a snowflake like pattern as it melts and cools down along the surface of Kumagai porcelain.
The colours differ due to the mixing of natural minerals and the appearance of each crystal pattern and its colour changes each time it is fired in the kiln.

Size: 陽光 Green, 陽光 Deep Green, 陽光 Purple, 花結晶 Green, 花結晶White:
approx. Φ 10 x H 14.9 (cm) ;
棕 brown :

approx. Φ 12.5 x H 12.9 (cm)

Kumagai '熊谷' is a long-established pottery wholesaler in Kyoto and a good friend of Simply Native owner Yukino. Simply Native also respects Kumagai for their indefatigable support of their craftsmen to continue the pottery making in Kyoto. The warm and caring personality of Kumagai owner, Takayoshi Kumagai, is also the reason why eKumagai is loved and supported by many.

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