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Flower Vase | ZUIKOUGAMA '瑞光窯'

Flower Vase | ZUIKOUGAMA '瑞光窯'

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The supple, flowing lines and the extremely narrow, delicate mouth.
The breathtakingly beautiful form is the result of 36 years of experience in this field.
The beautiful appearance of the product looks great just by placing it on the table.

The shimmering orange colour and the burnt shades give the impression of baked clay.
It goes well with wooden furniture and creates a unique yet calm space.

Size: approx W88 x H80 / 140 (including flower) mm
Weight: approx. 150 g

Dusk Navy
Fluctuations of red and purple appear in dark blue.
The heavy colour and matt texture make the space special.
The mysterious shades show different expressions depending on the time of day, from natural light in the morning to subdued lighting at night.

Size: approx. W63 x H135 / 210 (including flower) mm
Weight: approx. 160 g

Stardust Gray
A group of grey stardust-like crystals scattered countless times.
The colour, which can sometimes be perceived as a dull peachy colour, is lovely without being too sweet.
The subdued colours are not too assertive, making it easy to incorporate into interiors and adding a touch of elegant glamour to spaces.

Size: approx. W62 x H110 / 190 (including flower) mm
Weight: approx. 140 g

Blue Jasper
The irregular green hues in the eye-catching bright blue are like a mineral.
The unique colouring and the finely shining crystals make everyday life feel special.

Size: approx W83 x H105 / 180 (including flower) mm
Weight: approx. 160 g

------- Please read before ordering. --------
*Because the flower vases are handmade ceramics, there will be individual differences in shape and size.
*Because of the nature of the glaze, there are individual differences in the colour and texture of the flower vase.
*Dried flowers do not come with a vase.

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