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Awa Wasanbon Sugar (Finest Powdered Raw Sugar) | Okada Sugar Manufacture

Awa Wasanbon Sugar (Finest Powdered Raw Sugar) | Okada Sugar Manufacture

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Awa wasanbon sugar '阿波和三盆糖' is a type of traditional Japanese sugar that originated from the Awa region of Tokushima prefecture in Japan. It is made from the juice of sugarcane, which is filtered and then boiled to produce a thick syrup. The syrup is then poured into a wooden mould and left to cool, resulting in small, delicate sugar crystals with a distinctively fine texture.

Awa wasanbon sugar is known for its delicate sweetness and subtle flavour, which makes it ideal for use in traditional Japanese confectionery such as wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets). 

Due to its labour-intensive production process and limited availability, Awa wasanbon sugar is considered a specialty product and is highly valued in Japanese culinary culture.

Net weight: 500g

The production of wasanbon in Awa began over 200 years ago with the determined efforts of a young man, Tokuya Maruyama, who wished for the happiness of his homeland. Okada Sugar Manufacture '岡田製糖所' has maintained the handmade production methods of those days and continues to preserve traditional techniques such as squeezing the sugar extract out of the sugarcane and the craftsman's technique of "grinding" to separate the sugar from the sugar syrup. They hope you will enjoy the wonderful taste of Awa wasanbon sugar, which conveys the warmth, bounty, and taste of nature.

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