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Extra Soft Two-way Bib | Crescendo

Extra Soft Two-way Bib | Crescendo

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Imabari Towels are renowned for their exceptional quality and popularity in Japan. They boast a versatile design, serving as a towel handkerchief when unfolded, a bandana-style bib when folded into a triangle and secured, and even as a loop towel. These vibrant bibs are an ideal gift choice for babies.

Material: 100% cotton
Size: L 24cm x W 24 cm

What is Imabari '今治' towels?
Imabari towels began to be manufactured in Imabari, Ehime prefecture, with a history of more than 100 years.
It is a major towel production area, and Imabari is a leading producer of high-quality, high-end towels.
Imabari city has an abundance of metal-free soft water, such as subsoil water from the Takanawa mountain range, which is ideal for bleaching and dyeing.
This environment and water is what gives Imabari towels their high-quality feel.

Crescendo 'クレシェンド' was established by a collective of housewives residing in Imabari, renowned for its towel manufacturing. Driven by creativity, they strive to craft practical items born from the notion of 'I wish this existed,' all while prioritising sustainability and environmental stewardship to ensure a positive legacy for future generations.

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