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Earth Panel | Tomiya Orimono

Earth Panel | Tomiya Orimono

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Nishijin textile is the yarn-dyed patterned fabrics produced in Kyoto (Nishijin), which is characterized by high-mix, low-volume production.
It was designated as a national traditional craft on February 26, 1976.
Weavers in Nishijin have been making efforts to develop their creativity and expressiveness to create excellent designs, in addition to refining the high techniques that have been continuously accumulated since the Heian period (794-1192).

Size: H189 x W 90 x D 1.8 (cm)

Tomiya Textile Corporation
Establishment: since early Meiji period (1868-1912)

Hidden fact:
Winner of the Kyoto City Oscar Award, the company has received acclaim in a wide range of fields, including portrait textiles for celebrities in Japan and abroad, such as the presidents of the United States and Russia and the Crown Prince of Monaco, as well as textiles for dedication to temples and shrines, and costumes for movies.

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