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Crane copper grater | Kiku Ichi Monji

Crane copper grater | Kiku Ichi Monji

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In the shape of the auspicious "crane", this crane copper grinder is a special tool to make daikon oroshi (grated daikon radish) for your homemade Japanese food. You can also grate other vegetables with this grinder. This is a great kitchen tool for yourself or as a gift.

Material: Copper
Size: L 9.5cm x W 8cm

Using the superb sword-making technique passed down through generations, Kiku Ichi Monji '菊一文字' pledges to produce high-quality cutlery. The grinder comes with a beautiful box.

The name Kiku Ichi Monji comes from a unique engraved stamp by a swordsmith Norimune. In the year 1208 the Emperor Gotoba gave permission to his swordsmith Norimune to stamp the blade of each sword with the imperial chrysanthemum-crest. Norimune then engraved the number 1 below the crest. Thus the name Kiku Ichi Monji, "chrysanthemum one", was created.

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