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CHIPS Mug | Chips Inc.

CHIPS Mug | Chips Inc.

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The CHIPS mug series combines visual coolness with practicality, achieved through meticulous trial and error in the mold-making process. This tableware seamlessly integrates into interior design spaces while remaining comfortable to hold and easy to use, enhancing the dining experience with its simple yet highly functional design.

Material: ceramic
Size: D 8cm x H 9.3cm
Capacity: 380ml

Dishwasher & Microwave safe
*NOT Campfire and stovetop safe

CHIPS Inc. crafts products with a focus on shape, colour, materials, and affordability under the theme of “vessels that you will want to use again." Their goal is to create tableware that enhances the appeal of ordinary dishes, transforming not only the tabletop but also the living space.

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