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Cherry Blossom Chopstick rest

Cherry Blossom Chopstick rest

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This adorable chopstick set includes two pairs of chopsticks and two chopstick rests, making it perfect for a wedding or housewarming gift!

The chopsticks feature the Wakasa lacquer technique. Originating from Obama, Fukui prefecture, Japan, Wakasa lacquerware was officially recognised as a traditional craft in 1978. Inspired by Chinese lacquer techniques, it was pioneered by Matsuura Sanjuro, a lacquer painter from the Obama clan, and later named "Wakasa-nuri" by clan lord Sakai Tadakatsu. Flourishing during the mid to late Edo period (1650-1750), its golden age saw the refinement of over 200 lacquering techniques, including foil-impressed polishing and maki-e (gold-relief lacquering).

Material: Natural wood, Japanese natural lacquer
Blue 23cm
Pink 21cm

NOT Dishwasher safe

Chopstick rests:
Material: Ceramic
Size: L 4cm x W 6cm

Dishwasher safe

Isuke Shoten '井助商店' the company was founded about 190 years ago in Kyoto as a lacquer dealer trading lacquer itself. Since then, they have been dealing with paints and other materials other than lacquer, as well as planning and selling lacquerware, making them expert in the field of lacquer and lacquerware.

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