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Iromusubi Candies | Iwai Seika

Iromusubi Candies | Iwai Seika

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Kyo-ame (Kyo candy) is a traditional Japanese candy from Kyoto, typically made from sugar, starch syrup, and natural flavours such as matcha or yuzu. It has a smooth texture with a rich, sweet flavour. Kyo-ame is often enjoyed as a delicacy and souvenir from Kyoto, appreciated for its craftsmanship and traditional production methods.

Since the Heian period, the traditional colours of Kyoto have graced the streets of Tamashiki, each colour carrying its own unique significance and emotion. These vibrant colours are masterfully woven into every piece of Kyo-ame. Whether treating yourself to a moment of joy or expressing heartfelt sentiments to a loved one, Kyo-ame are the perfect choice. 

Ramune, Japanese soda flavour 

Apple flavour

Muscat flavour

Iwai Seika '岩井製菓' has been in business since 1964. Their Kyo-ame '京飴' is made in a small candy factory in Uji, Kyoto. They use traditional methods with a pot over an open fire to carefully boil down each piece individually with expert skills. Unlike candies made in automated factories, their traditional techniques maximise the flavour of each ingredient. They remain committed to preserving the traditional techniques of Kyo-ame, a beloved Kyoto delicacy enjoyed for generations. 

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