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Amami brown sugar 'Melting Jewel' | Saigo Matsu Hompo

Amami brown sugar 'Melting Jewel' | Saigo Matsu Hompo

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Simply Native owner Yukino's hometown island, Amami, is blessed with rich nature and is known as the birthplace of Japanese sugar production dating back to 1605. Sugarcane grown on the island has a unique, gently sweet, and mild flavour. Rich in minerals and vitamins, the sweet aroma and richness of brown sugar spread throughout the mouth. Enjoy the delicate sweetness as is, or use as a substitute for brown sugar in your favourite dish.

Simply Native is the only place you can find this this precious product outside of Japan!

Net weight: 100g

Store at room temperature.

The founder of Saigo Matsu Hompo '西郷松本舗', Haruka Iwasaki is a childhood friend of Simply Native's owner, Yukino's father. He is a very kind and gentle grandfather figure to Yukino.

While serving as a local council member and contributing to the community, he also engages in product development using the locally proud ingredient, Amami brown sugar. 

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