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Bobbin KEETO | Sugitoyama

Bobbin KEETO | Sugitoyama

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KEETO '木糸' means "thread made of wood" in Japanese.
These premium bobbins are durable and because of their material, they are antibacterial, lightweight, and easy to dry.

Use these threads for wrapping presents, creating accessories, or work your creativity!

Material: 100% Wood thread (50% Cedar, 50% Hemp)
Net Weight: 10g
Length: Approx. 357m

Sugitoyama 'すぎとやま' is located in a small mountain town with no traffic lights, convenience stores, or garbage trucks. They create towels and other items from the remains of trees cut down in the forest or those with unusual shapes. Their items are designed with everyday use in mind. 

Using eco-friendly yarn by KEETO fits well into daily life and has a lot of potential for more uses in the future. They are aiming to offer creations infused with love, time, and effort.

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