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Simply Native Japan

Beku-hai Sake Game Set

Beku-hai Sake Game Set

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(4 ceramic pieces with 1 Hinoki wooden sake cup)
Beku-hai 'ベク杯' is a traditional sake cup sets that are used for entertainment.
A normal sake cup can be put down with the sake still inside, however, most of the beku-hai cups cannot be put down until the sake is finished.
This set comes with 3 different Beku-hai cups, 1 dice '駒', and Simply Native Sake Cup '升'.

Okame 'おかめ' 
The Okame cup holds the least amount of sake among the 3; Tengu, Hi-otoko and Okame. It cannot be put down with the sake still in it because it is bad to place the face side down.

Hi-otoko '火男' 
The Hi-otoko cup has a hole in its mouth that must be covered with a finger, otherwise the sake will leak out. It also holds more sake than the Okame Cup.

Tengu '天狗'
The "Tengu cup" has a long nose, so it cannot be placed down, and it fills up to the nose, so it can hold the most amount of sake among the three cups.

Koma '駒' 
The Koma that is a special frame with the designs of the three face cups is turned, and when it stops, the person sitting in front of the axis drinks out of the cup with the design on the frame. A large number of people get together in a circle and spin the frame in turn, deciding which cup to drink from. This is how the game is played.

Square wooden Cup '酒枡'
Why don't you drink sake with this deliciously hinoki-scented sake cup?
After using the sake cup, wash and dry it well.
Not safe for microwave & dishwasher
Material: Hinoki

Capacity: 20 ml
Size: L 4.7cm × W 3.8cm × H 2.4cm

Capacity: 50 ml
Size: L 7cm × W 6.2cm × H 3.1cm

Size: 80ml
L 7cm × W 5.6cm × H 8.2cm

Size: D 2cm × H 3cm

Tsukasa Botan Shuzou '司牡丹酒造株式会社' is dedicated to crafting and offering delightful sake, with a particular emphasis on Tosa '土佐' (the region name in Kochi prefecture), authenticity, and ecology. Their mission is to share the joy of sake with people in an engaging manner. In doing so, we aim to infuse vitality, health, and happiness into individuals' lives, while also promoting harmonious human relationships in society and fostering progress and harmony worldwide.

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