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Simply Native Japan

Beak Matcha Bowl

Beak Matcha Bowl

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Kumagai Shoten x  ARTHUR LEITNER 
This is a unique collection of bowls whose both sides of the open top are formed in a beak shape. One is a convex beak and the other is concave one. The bowls can be lined up together by superimposing the beak parts.

Size: Φ10.4 x H9.3 (cm)

Concept of Beak
The making technique of Tenmoku '天目' was brought from China during 12~13 century, and have been beloved by people due to its unique attraction. Time, which connects past with present, can never be stopped. The designer challenges to find out time nodes to show the making process of Tenmoku. This collection of ceramic bowls transformed this idea into pottery product, and consumers can feel the deep meaning of time when all five bowls are lined up.

Design of Beak
They chose to underline five steps of the process by creating a collection of five bowls (the whole process endures about 1 month)

  1. unglazed pottery
  2. unglazed pottery + white varnish
  3. unglazed pottery + white varnish + glazed layer (inside)
  4. unglazed pottery + white varnish + glazed layer (inside) + glazed layer (outside)
  5. unglazed pottery + white varnish + glazed layer (inside) + glazed layer (outside) + gold line(top edge)

It is an innovative idea to combine round curve and rigid straight line in one item. With accurate length and angel, all five bowls can line up in a beautiful way.

Graduated with Architecture degree, then decided to focus on furniture and product design.
6 months working experience in Campana Studio, San Paulo.
Participated in the Objets Nomades collection of Louis Vuitton.
Nowadays, work as a freelance designer and artistic director.

Kumagai '熊谷' is a long-established pottery wholesaler in Kyoto and a good friend of Simply Native owner Yukino. Simply Native also respects Kumagai for their indefatigable support of their craftsmen to continue the pottery making in Kyoto. The warm and caring personality of Kumagai owner, Takayoshi Kumagai, is also the reason why eKumagai is loved and supported by many.

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