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Awa Bancha & Citrus Ponzu Source Set

Awa Bancha & Citrus Ponzu Source Set

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Awabancha '阿波晩茶' is made by boiling tea leaves, grinding them in a tea grinder, pickling them in a barrel, fermenting them in lactic acid followed by a dehydration process. In Tokushima Prefecture, this tea has been consumed by people from all ages, from the very young to the elderly. Awabancha is said to provide benefits in blood sugar control and intestinal regulation.

Citrus Ponzu sauce '柑橘ポン酢' is made of soy sauce and citrus juice.
This ponzu has a mild taste and moderate sourness. Adding ponzu to your regular dishes will give them a refreshing taste.

Net Weight: 25g

Citrus Ponzu Sauce
Net Weight: 360g
Contains: Soy, fish

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