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Simply Native Japan

Akatsuki | Isuke Shoten

Akatsuki | Isuke Shoten

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An amazing artwork crafted with traditional techniques to enhance your wall decor.

The “Akatsuki” series takes its inspiration from Japan’s everlasting fascination with the moon. It expresses the moon in a pure silver foil using the “byakudan-nuri” technique, which changes colour with the flow of time from an early reddish glow to the bright silver at midnight. The “byakudan-nuri” technique uses many layers of Japanese natural lacquer “urushi” to completely seal the metal foils inside.

Over the course of time, the reddish urushi becomes more translucent, gradually phasing in the metal shine of the underlying foil.
This traditional technique was once thought to be almost lost, but has recently regained attention again for its unique feature.

Material: MDF wood board, Japanese natural lacquer, silver foil
S: D 10cm x H 0.5cm 
M: D 17cm x H 0.5cm
L: D 25cm x H 0.5cm

Isuke Shoten '井助商店' the company was founded about 190 years ago in Kyoto as a lacquer dealer trading lacquer itself. Since then, they have been dealing with paints and other materials other than lacquer, as well as planning and selling lacquerware, making them expert in the field of lacquer and lacquerware.

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