Virtual tour × momentum factory Orii

We took the audience on a virtual tour with Orii-san who runs a copperware store in Toyama, Japan. He explained the company profile and guided his factory, then showed us how to manufacture products.

The products are quite unique and interesting, and traditional technics are used for production that is like magic.

If you have a chance to go to Toyama in Japan, please visit his factory.

Collaborated with momentum factory Orii

Special thanks to Orii-san to give us a chance to look aroud your factory!

富山県にある、鋳造品の着色を手がけているmomentum factory Orii。

今回、momentum factory OriiとGoogle Meetを利用し、工場見学をさせていただきました。実際に商品の製作過程を見せていただき、一瞬で色が変わったり、模様が施される様子はまるで魔法のようでした。


Toyama Japan