Instagram live with momentum factory Orii

Instagram live with momentum factory Orii

We lived stream from our Surry Hills shop with Orii-san who runs a copperware store, momentum factory Orii, in Toyama, Japan and the audience could purchase his products directly from his shop.

Yachi-san & Kato-san, lovely ladies from momentum factory Orii, guided their showroom and explained products. The products are quite interesting and traditional technics are used for production that is like magic.

Collaborated with momentum factory Orii

Special thanks to Orii-san, Yachi-san and Kato-san to give us a chance to show your showroom to our customers!

富山県にある、鋳造品の着色を手がけているmomentum factory Orii。

今回、momentum factory Oriiのショールームからインスタグラムライブで繋がせていただき、商品のご紹介をいただきました。さらにライブ中には、実際ショッピングも楽しんでいただきました。

Toyama, Japan