Orii Copper Panel

Copperware has a rich 400+ year history in Japan and has been designated as one of the first traditional crafts. Takaoka copperware was recognised abroad when exhibited at the International World Fair in Paris. In the mid 1990s, the kogei (traditional arts and crafts) industry, including copperware, fell into decline.

Koji Orii is the third generation of a metal colouring foundry established in Takaoka City, 1950. After a successful career in Tokyo, Koji returned to the family business determined to find a new direction and ensure its survival.

Orii-San is on a mission to make “kogei cool”. He’s proven successful, winning awards for ingenuity and creativity in the field and a growing recognition for his copper work across the globe. By combining traditional and modern techniques, he hopes that this craft will be appreciated by many generations to come.

Simply Native offers these stunning art panels by Koji Orii. Each piece is handmade in Japan and completely unique. Choose from our current options (below) or work with us on a custom panel.

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  • Usage

    Copper panel: living room/ bedroom/ foyer/ office and more

    Recommended for indoor use

  • Size (mm)

    Refer to information on individual panels

  • Material

    Copper (coloured with various agents)

  • Indicative Lead-time

    Time frames vary depending on the project, please ask us for an estimate

    + 4 days for air-freight delivery / 5 weeks for ocean-freight delivery

  • Customization

    Custom size

    Custom colour

  • Sample Availability

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  • Price

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  • Additional Information

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The price varies depending on the size and design.

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Please note

Orii Copper Panel is custom-made, so it takes about 4-5 weeks to produce after you order it.

You pay 50% of the total fee upfront, and the remaining has to be made before the panel ships from Japan.

Once you place an order, we cannot accept any change of design or modifications due to its being custom-made.