Noren are traditional Japanese split curtains or fabric separators hung in doorways, entrances, or windows, used to protect the house from wind, dust, rain as well as deter insects from coming in. Japanese establishments also often use Noren with their name, logo or emblem printed on, as a shop front identity.

Made with quality Japanese linen, Noren serve both aesthetic and practical purposes for the modern home.

They can be used as shade curtains, partitions between rooms for privacy or simply add a decorative touch to create a Japanese atmosphere and style to the interiors.

Bring natural coolness into your home.

Please contact us to arrange Noren for your space

  • Usage

    Entrance or kitchen

  • Size (mm)

    90 x 150 cm

  • Material


  • Indicative Lead-time

    1 or 1.5 months for production

    + 4 days for air-freight delivery / 5 weeks for ocean-freight delivery

  • Customization


    Contact us for the details

  • Sample Availability

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  • Price

    Contact us for the details

  • Additional Information

    Bamboo rod (black) φ20-25 x L2000mm: $85(inc GST & delivery)

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